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Meet Susan Blanton

Tired of pleasing everyone? 
And trying so hard to get things right?

You know you want to serve others, make a difference, make a change, yet the opportunity is eluding you, you have fears or doubts you can't put your finger on or you aren't growing your business like you dreamed about?

Want to get out of your own way?

If you want more out of life, have purpose, more joy, freedom, abundance, ease and grace, then... 

You have come to the right place! 

CREATE Happy Now offers a blueprint for creating the consistent feeling of being happy or what she calls mastering happiness!  Susan created a blueprint C.R.E.A.T.E. for you to start your journey today! 

This blueprint will help you start unraveling the fears and doubts, so you can free yourself to finally be, do and see all the dreams and visions you have been out of reach!

Be more energized, feel lighter, sleep better, have better relationships, feel good, and reveal  dream worthy opportunities! 

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Listen to Masters of Happiness tell stories of how they went from struggling to mastering happiness with words of wisdom and Happy Hacks to help you CREATE Happy Now! 

Welcome to CREATE Happy Now!

CREATE Happy Now offers free recordings and videos of CREATE Happy Now podcasts, Happy Hacks, and Meditations. 

CREATE Happy Now Podcast

Listen to stories of Masters of Happiness.   I interview Masters of Happiness. We learn about their awakening journey, their pivotal points, struggles, epiphany, and how they serve people to start their journey!

Happy Now
is a BLUEPRINT to Mastering Happiness

CREATE shows you how to start and take your life and happiness to the next level and STAY there! 

Complete resource on all steps, hurdles, struggles, and celebrations! 

CREATE Happy Art

Happiness is CREATE-ing!  

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Coaching Testimonials

Susan offers Life Coaching, Happiness Coaching, Play Game Coaching and Therapeutic Art Coaching

Here are some testimonials  Susan's CREATE Happy Now one on one coaching!

"sessions were life changing"

As a coach, Susan's gift of intuition truly shines through and the insights she brought to light in our sessions were life changing! It was such a joy having her as my coach and I appreciate that she always left me feeling seen and heard.  I am SO GRATEFUL for her and the reminder of my power to CREATE Happy Now! 

Chasity Clark - Calhoun, GA

"manifesting so much now"

With Susan's law of attraction coaching. Now, new things are working out EXACTLY the way I wanted them to! Plus, I got a refund check from my kids' insurance that I had no idea was coming and my mother-in-law bought us a house out of the blue! 

Ellie Juarez - Dallas, TX

"inspirational mentor"

Susan is an inspirational mentor. She has helped me find my passion and take steps towards achieving my goals.  I found her to be very caring and supportive. 

Janette Fury - UK

"you will make shifts" 

"Working with Susan was a big help! I thought I was doing ok with my ideas for my business and what I had my focus on, but after the coaching Susan gave me, I realized there was so much more I didn't think about. She was really great to talk to and gave me the tips and support I needed to keep moving forward. I highly recommend her, you will make shifts and be beautifully supported ."

Trianna N. Lewis


I had a few sessions with Susan and they all were full of ideas to help me throughout the issues I have. She’s a very good listener and offered me different perspectives that helped me see the situations with different eyes. Susan is very resourceful and very kind. Her voice is calming me down and I feel more relaxed and more hopeful after each of her sessions. I highly recommend Susan as a life coach, she’s amazing!

Laura Molceanu

CREATE Happy Now Podcast Reviews

Here are what listeners had to say! 

Thank you for sharing your self-described, difficult journey to happiness with us. Yours is an inspiring story and I look forward to learning from you as your podcast continues.  The authenticity that comes from your personal journey is what caught my attention - it is your strength and it shows! 


During such a difficult time in my life, there's nothing more necessary and needed in my life than positivity. Susan is uplifting and always looks at the brighter side. When times are tough, it's always helpful to hear the reminder that we are tougher! Thanks Susan!

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