Intuitive Masters of Happiness Conference

February 20-24



Intuitive Masters of Happiness Conference
February 20-24
Available M -F 12pm - 8pm only
New Episodes each day! 
Learn from 20 Masters of Happiness how to Strenthen your Intutition to live a life full of abudance, ease and happiness! 
VIP Access includes special bonuses; replay access and invitation to the After Party with me! 

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Art Supplies for Virtual Painting Events

You can buy a kit or purchase items separately

You can also find similar items at Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics, Michael's Crafts, and Hobby Lobby

$19.99   Acrylic Paint Set  

Great starter kit for virtual painting parties we have!  Includes 6 brushes, 12 assorted paints, and 3 8x10 canvas boards! 
(For larger canvas see our set of 2 Canvas item for sale below)

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16x20 Canvas set of 2     $15.35

 2 White 16x20 canvases.

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$5.99   Brush Set

Nylon, bristle, sponge and camel hair brushes in assorted sizes

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Acrylic Paint Set    $10.99

12 Acrylic Paint Set consists of 12 vibrant colors and with

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$15.99   Book Palette Paper

Arteza Disposable Palette Paper Pad

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Adjustable Easle   $22.99

66" Reinforced Artist Easel Stand

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Set of 6 Black Sharpies $5.23

For stained glass painting projects and signatures on your art work!  Enough to share!  

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$5.59  11"x14" Canvas Boards

Great to paint on, easy to frame and ship! 

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Happiness On Demand Free Webinar February 27th 12 noon EST

Stay tuned for more live events and online courses! 

Happiness On Demand Free Webinar! 

Learn how to remove blocks and strenthen your intuition! 

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About Susan

Susan Blanton is a Happiness Coach, Life Coach, Artist and Therapeutic Art Coach offering Play Game Coaching, online Belief Clearing courses, Virtual Painting Classes and is the Podcast creator and host of the CREATE Happy Now Podcast. 

Susan went through divorce, single parenthood, bankruptcy, was even on food stamps, stood in line at a food bank, and was ridiculed about her choices. 

She was a people-pleasing perfectionist and those tendencies were extinguished, and she started anew and redesigned her life into abundance, health, deep relationships, life purpose, and consistent happiness! 

Now she wants you to experience this too! 

Create Happy Now